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Frater L.D.L., 1=10 [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
S. Richard (Frater L.D.L.)

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(no subject) [Jul. 9th, 2007|09:27 am]
S. Richard (Frater L.D.L.)
[mood |awakeawake]
[music |Enrique Iglesias - Be With You]

Okay, so I promised an update about a month ago... apologies and all.

This time I will be updating for sure, either this evening or tonight.

I just hope I don't feel too overwhelmed by the volumes of things that I could possibly update about. Usually when that happens I hit "lock up" mode and say screw it lol.

Hope all of you are well.

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Real update coming soon [Jun. 5th, 2007|02:22 pm]
S. Richard (Frater L.D.L.)
Dear Friends,

For those who may have been wondering, my absence recently was due to a nasty bout of bronchitis and a sore throat. Now that I am feeling better i'll likely do an update later this evening after i've had another nap. Need to check emails and reply to comments too.

Hope all of you are well.
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(no subject) [May. 23rd, 2007|12:04 pm]
S. Richard (Frater L.D.L.)
Eh? What happened to vesperia?
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Dream: Sheet-Music of the Spheres [May. 23rd, 2007|03:23 am]
S. Richard (Frater L.D.L.)
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[mood |contemplativecontemplative]
[music |Legaia 2 game soundtrack]

Saw a rainbow, just like the one in Key 14: Temperence (in the BOTA deck), but rather than curved, it was a straight strip. On it, where musical notes would be placed, were the planetary glyphs in the place of the note indicators. There was also writing within the colored bands, and initially I thought it notations of a kind, but after getting fully awake wonder if it wasn't lyrical- a mantra, chant or some such. The writing was clearly my own: a beautiful cursive, but the more I tried to focus on it in the dream, the smaller and further away it became. At an early point in the dream there was a voice saying something about the music of the spheres, but I no longer recall what exactly.

Also interesting to note is that I have done no conscious work or study with this subject of recent.
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Dream: Careless Depth--diving [May. 20th, 2007|04:23 am]
S. Richard (Frater L.D.L.)
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[mood |curiouscurious]
[music |The Tarot Connection #12]

Forgot all but one segment of my dream after waking, though the remaining piece lingers.

I was in a massive house that was almost hotel-ish in size and structure. It was full of people and had a dominant restruant function. I recall stopping at a sink to grab a dish out of the sudsy dish water to wash for myself but gripped a sharp knife-like tool that lay hidden beneath the suds. It cut my hand really badly on both sides. I recall unnatural swelling that shifted around depending on where my hand was touched.

Yeah. Reaching into the depths... deep cuts, likely to scar... I think i'm getting the message here.

Was talking to Diana about this very thing last night about an hour before I fell asleep.
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Tarot Connection podcast [May. 20th, 2007|03:56 am]
S. Richard (Frater L.D.L.)
Found a podcast about a week or two ago that I really enjoy- The Tarot Connection. The shows on Qabalah and Tarot and the Lon DuQuette interview were both enjoyable and can be found in the archives (shows 18 and 20, if I recall aright).
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Whitley Strieber on Transformation [May. 16th, 2007|04:35 am]
S. Richard (Frater L.D.L.)
[mood |contemplativecontemplative]

Out of Communion comes Transformation...

...real transformation is a matter of delivering one's self into the possession of God. We must become a clear glass through which God can shine."

~Whitley Strieber, from Communion
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The Changing Face of Christianity [May. 16th, 2007|03:52 am]
S. Richard (Frater L.D.L.)
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[mood |contemplativecontemplative]
[music |U2 - One]

Todays death of Jerry Falwell has got me thinking. Christianity is definately on the decline, but as it's elders begin to pass on, as we are now seeing, it is going to have one of its most difficult struggles.

I see two primary likelyhoods of occurance for it in the years to come. It will either eventually collapse under the weight of the growth of the new spiritual forms now rising, which offer the seeker a more personal and direct experience of the Godhead- while promoting freedom and its responsibility with far less restriction (could we see a Thelemic boom here?); or it will transform, perhaps evolving a new expression of the Tipharethic Godman as in the previous, but dressed in a new garment of spirituo-mythology.

Nature favors progression, and the new always bears some elements of the old- if only foundationally. So it remains to be seen, but it's interesting to watch. It will certainly be interesting to see what direction it all takes. I believe that as the old aeonic fundamentalists depart the scene a much more spiritual christianity, closer to the Gnostics of old, will begin to emerge, but that's my own opinion.
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A cool analogy [May. 12th, 2007|07:20 am]
S. Richard (Frater L.D.L.)
[mood |mellowmellow]

The other day I was reading some archived posts in a yahoo group I follow, and saw the following analogy that has stuck with me. So, I decided to post it here. Unfortunately, I can't remember the source:

"...The HGA is the guy from the electric company that makes sure your connections are working properly."
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My Uber-Rare Self-Indulgence via Meme... [May. 10th, 2007|04:11 pm]
S. Richard (Frater L.D.L.)
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[mood |awakeawake]
[music |Necromantia - Ancient Pride]

Never Date a Taurus

Stubborn, materialistic, and even a little greedy - you don't fit into a the strictly crafted inner world of a Taurus.
You definitely need more excitement than a Taurus offers. After all, even expensive dinners get boring after a while!

Instead try dating: Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius, or Aries

That's funny. soror_pec is a Gemini *g*
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